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Pumping from Birth Planner

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Planning on exclusively pumping from birth? Figuring out when to start pumping and how to manage pumping in the hospital can be overwhelming and a little intimidating. This planner will walk you through what you need to do, step by step, to get ready to exclusively pump and what to do in those first few days.

The planner includes:

* What you need to do before your baby is born
* Ideas of what to pack for the hospital
* A game plan for pumping immediately after your baby's birth
* Options for your pumping schedule after your baby is born
* A plan for setting up your pumping station
* A pumping session tracker for the hospital, and a pumping in progress sign for privacy

and more!

After you check out, you'll receive the 11 page Pumping from Birth Planner immediately via digital download. Nothing will be shipped to you.