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Exclusive Pumping and Milk Supply

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Exclusive Pumping and Milk Supply walks you through everything you need to establish your milk supply with a breast pump. Includes checklists, cheat sheets, and videos!

  • Provides you with an overview of how milk supply works, so you understand what might happen at different phases of your pumping journey
  • Walks through what you need to troubleshoot when it comes to removing your milk with your pump
  • Reviews all the different ways to increase milk supply, and the pros and cons of each
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  • A 74 page guide to establishing and increasing your milk supply while exclusively pumping - $30 Value
  • 2 video lessons on milk supply (12 minutes of video) - $17 Value
  • A 5 page checklist to help you troubleshoot and resolve issues with your milk supply - $7 Value
  • BONUS: Exclusively Pumping and Undersupply - $10 Value